Thanks to Miya B for this guest post!

Florida School of the Arts, better known as FloArts, is offered at St John’s River State College on the Palatka campus and gives students the opportunity to develop artistically. Consisting of Performing Arts, Production Design, and Visual Arts, FloArts has many different options for students to choose from. The school enables each student to further develop their knowledge, and skills of their chosen art. Established in 1974 by the Florida State Board of Education, FloArts has successfully prepared students for careers in visual and performing arts.

A variety of talented students represent this school, and they offer many different events to display their talent to locals and beyond. From Plays to Art exhibits FloArt ensures their students are offered the opportunity to continue to highlight their skills while attending school. Locals have said that they are extremely impressed by the campus and can tell that each student puts their heart into the performance they give. Be on the lookout for all upcoming events as FloArts will host a year-long season of events. Events will be offered from September 2022- June 2023 so everyone should find something that interests them. To learn more and check out all the upcoming events visit FloArt Facebook page or their website.