Thanks to Payton Velez for this guest post!

Palatka is a small town located in central Florida that offers a multitude of activities that many visitors, and even residents, don’t know about. I have been living here for all my life and have experienced some of these activities listed below on multiple occasions. These activities are perfect for any family that is looking for a fun experience in this small town of Palatka. Although some of these activities are offered just about anywhere, they each have their own uniqueness that sets them apart from the rest.

The MUST DO’s that I will be talking about include Putnam Lanes, Palatka Golf Club, Skydive Palatka, and the downtown merchants/murals. The first three listed are treasures to this small town that many visitors miss the opportunity to experience. All of which are great activities that all members of the family can enjoy together and all within one weekend if warranted. Palatka is still a thriving example of cherishing the little things while they last. Small towns will soon be a thing of the past with the ever-growing market for building new houses and the rise of industry in this town. Cherishing these moments will forever create a memory in the hearts of families visiting from all over the world.


Putnam lanes is a MUST DO that offers competitive bowling leagues or a great time with family and friends. Putnam lanes has a unique vibe from the moment you walk in that brings you to back to the past with its historic style interior. This bowling alley is perfect for beginners and experts alike. The bowling alley has changed a lot over the years but still maintains a fun, cost effective spot that can be enjoyed by the whole family. A perfect spot for kids in the summer especially as kids bowl free all summer long! When driving through Palatka during the summer, what better place to take your family then bowling? Especially when all kids bowl free, and the parents get to relive the past experiences of what bowling alleys used to be like! Kids get 2 FREE bowling games with KidsBowlFree!

A blast from the past that cannot be missed! With cheap prices and free bowling for the kids, this is an opportunity for a great time with the family. Bowling is a competitive sport that is fun and gets everyone active and up moving. The competitive aspect of bowling is what makes it such a great activity for parents and kids alike. This bowling alley also offers custom bowling balls for the especially competitive bowlers!


The Palatka Golf Club is a MUST DO when in Palatka because it is a vintage golf course unlike any other. The course was built and designed by Donald Ross in 1925 and has maintained that same unique design since it was created. The Palatka Golf Club is an activity that the whole family can enjoy. With 18 holes of pure open environment, this is a beautiful spot that shouldn’t be missed.

The Palatka Golf Club is perfect for the dads of the world with its laid-back atmosphere and wonderful customer service. The golf club even has some of the cheapest prices in the entire state of Florida. This course will open the traditional feeling of golf with a unique course and hole setup. This course is also perfect for those looking to finish 18 holes rather quickly as the setup makes for a short but fun experience.

The Palatka Golf Club is a MUST DO for any out of towners looking for a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. This is the one of the oldest Golf Course designs in the state of Florida that has a historic significance that many other courses lack. Ultimately, for the prices and historic significance this is a MUST DO when in Palatka.

The Palatka Golf Club also offers tournaments and programs for young adults wanting to learn this wonderful sport. So whether it’s a: family outing, a get together for dads, a learning spot for the kids, or just looking to get out and relax, the Palatka Golf Club is the perfect spot for you and your family.


Skydive Palatka is a MUST DO for the extreme adventurers that want to do something that most people wouldn’t. Skydive Palatka has been around for more than 20 years with the current owner, Art Shaffer, purchasing the business in 2005. Skydiving is a passion for many and is a sport in the eyes to many that commonly do it. Skydive Palatka is a full-service skydiving training center that offers newcomers a place to learn new skills and become more comfortable skydivers in a laid-back atmosphere. This is an activity that the entire family can enjoy that’s not offered everywhere. Just like bungee jumping, this is considered an extreme sport that many think people should experience at least once within their lifetime. The prices go down for the more jumpers within the same group which is even more reason to bring the whole family along and is a MUST DO if looking for something thrilling for the entire family or even friends!

The process is relatively easy with a quick safety briefing before you are assigned an experienced instructor to jump with. There is a 20-minute flight until the altitude for jumping is reached in which customers can enjoy a breathtaking view of the St. John’s River and Florida East Coast. Before jumping, every jumper is securely attached to the designated instructor and prepped to experience the rush of freefall from over 13,500 feet! Following the jump, the rest of what happens I’m going to save for you and your family to find out upon jumping! What an experience and rush that people feel following a jump like this.


When visiting Palatka, a definite MUST DO for any family is visiting Downtown Palatka for the Murals. Downtown Palatka features an artistic feel with these beautiful murals that can’t be described simply in words. These murals have a significant and deep meaning to the residents of Palatka. The murals paint some of the historical significance and heritage of Palatka among other things. There are over 30 Murals in Downtown Palatka that celebrate the history of Putnam County as a whole. Many of the murals grace the avenue (St. Johns Avenue), named after the river (St. Johns River). The murals in Downtown Palatka are known as the ‘City of Murals’. Listed below will be a PDF file with all the Mural’s locations, meanings, and historical significance.

All the murals can be seen by simply driving or walking through the streets of Downtown Palatka. This activity is free and offers a teaching in some of the historical values and significance of this small town. This is something that the Family can enjoy while also learning about the history of Palatka. With over 20 murals to experience, this type of informational activity is something I would recommend for the whole family!

If this is an activity that only the artistic or historically interested ones of the family want to experience, there is still a plethora of other activities that the rest of the family can enjoy such as Putnam Lanes, Palatka Golf Club, or even Skydive Palatka!