Thanks to Angie Hogan for providing this Guest Blog Post!

Not only is Palatka the heart and center for St. Johns River State College, it is also home to many other beautiful, historic, and aquatic places. When visiting Palatka, remember to bring your walking shoes because there is a lot to see. You can start at the St Johns River Center, located in downtown Palatka and scroll along Riverfront Park for more great views, or you can go for a mid- to easy hike at the Ravines State Park. There is a map to help guide you along your way, so you will not get lost and it is an activity for all ages of the family. While the St Johns River Center holds beauties beyond and under the sea line. Both of these sites are something to see up, close, and personal for yourself!

While you are down there at the St Johns River Center, you and your guests might as well stop and grab lunch at one of the many restaurants in the downtown area, you will not be disappointed no matter where you go. There is Mexican cuisine, burgers and fries, and everyone’s favorite pizza, just try not to eat so much because you still will have to walk back to your car. I made the decision to drop in on Angel’s Diner, once parked you can order curbside or sit in, and for your first time visiting, I recommend sitting inside and enjoying your stay. Once an actual railroad cart, now turned restaurant, the décor is so 70s and cool. Try their famous Pusalow drink, it is like chocolate mike but on steroids! It is so delicious. I went safe and simple with a cheeseburger and fries and wow, was is good…if only I had ordered two, one for my stay and another for later. There are nice places to take pictures along the way and the downtown area gives off old familiar vibes as if you have been there before even for those of us who have not.


Calling all gamers, calling all gamers, no matter what video game you played or plays, all gamers should pop in on Hometown Comics and Collectibles, to check out the oldies and the newbies. Here shoppers have comic books and rare and cool collectible figurines for all gamers who know the game, meaning everyone will find something for anyone in their group. The memorial bridge is a sight to see and perfect for tourists who are not accustomed to seeing large bodies of water on the regular. Stop by and take pictures beside the statues in old Memorial Park and learn a little bit of history along the way.

Being so close to the water, you know there will be seafood in the area. If it tickles your taste buds, stop by Golden Glory Seafood, Corky Bell’s Seafood, or Duke’s Seafood and try them out. Hoot Owl Farmhouse Ice Cream is my personal favorite or is it that I just love ice cream…the creaminess and richness of their ice cream is what hooked me and this is only the eastside of Palatka. Rice Creek Conservation Land is another attraction for 1st time visitors on the Westside of Palatka. Fair warning: there is no rice involved, mainly swamplands now. It is an opportunity to get back in tune with nature and enjoy the fresh air. There are also areas for the ATV lovers and anyone who loves to play in the mud. When planning a trip to Palatka, try to give yourself an entire day because you would not want to miss out on all the excitement. Bring your camera fully charged and ready to capture all the wondrous beauty the city of Palatka has to offer.