Where else can you look at your server and ask for a blackbottom and a pussalow and she doesn’t blink an eye? “Another supper from a sack?” – gosh I sure hope so. Because at Angel’s Dining Car you can call ahead and they’ll bring their delicious cheeseburgers and fries right to your car – just like they’ve been doing since 1932.

Step back in time for the monthly Saturday Night Cruise Ins where classic cars, classic tunes, and classic cheeseburgers make for a classic good time.

It’s Florida’s Oldest Diner, but we’d venture to say it’s the best too.

Palatka’s first brewery has quickly become a community gathering spot. The owners have painstakingly taken the time to truly incorporate community into every aspect of Azalea City Brewing Company – from locally sourced art, to working with local farmers, and naming the beers after some of our most iconic locations.

Food Trucks, Line Dancing Classes, Class Reunions, Art Markets. They’ve really created something special here – something for everyone. Beer is the focus here, but they also serve seltzers, wine, and host a variety of food trucks.

This building was bottling something else long before it was bottling beer – you may notice a pretty well known logo on the building. That’s because Azalea City Brewery was originally a Coca Cola Bottling plant – built in 1913.

Long time Palatka locals will tell you stories of sitting in class at the Campbell School next door and watching as glass bottles of Coca Cola spun by on the conveyor belt.

The Brewery is new – but the building sure isn’t.

You might say it has a little something for everyone. The menu at This and That Cafe changes daily. You’ll often encounter downtown merchants gathering to share stories of the day. But before it was a restaurant it was the town’s bus stop. This beautiful building also offers outdoor seating overlooks the heart of the downtown historic district.