Palatka is a beautiful city with some of the best bass fishing in the United States. However, the bass are not as visible as the artistic creations spread across the city’s architecture. The murals are large set pieces that are not just painted on the buildings throughout, but they also paint a picture of the town’s history. Over thirty murals spread through the city, making it hard to miss these massive works of art.
The murals cover an array of topics, such as the history of the waterfront town. Palatka being a waterfront town, was essential to the establishment of the city, which is depicted in several murals showing how important riverboats were to the development of the sprawling city. There is also a large mural of Annie Oakley. Oakley visited Palatka doing shooting demonstrations for Remington in 1891.
These are just a few murals that show the beauty and history of such a vital city.

You can learn more about many of the murals here: Conlee Snyder Home Page (

Thanks to Austin Evers for his guest post about the Murals of Palatka!