I felt welcomed by the “City of Palatka” sign at the border as I entered. The small-town feel was refreshing. As I drove into town, I saw a fantastic playground for children. Then when I made my way into the historic district, I was greeted by a beautiful riverfront scene that looked like something out of a movie. As the sun rises, it paints a beautiful reflection on the water. The boats were rocking back and forth with the current.

With the calming sound of the river washing around the pier and rocks, it felt like I had found a little slice of Americana.

The river walk has an abundance of offerings, from a beautiful playground for children to play on, a multi-tiered water fountain, and even a torpedo! It is a lovely stroll that offers a lot for families of any age to appreciate.

When I was out on my walk, I stumbled across a fabulous restaurant called “Velchoff’s Corner” that offered a delicious brunch menu. I had the bacon, eggs, lettuce, and tomato (B.E.L.T.) The sandwich was fantastic, served with a side salad with a tasty vinaigrette. I would go there again.

With a full belly, I made my way back to the pier and watched several people put their boats in the water for a day of fishing. Palatka is a beautiful place for bass fishing, one of the best places in Florida. Come see Palatka and enjoy a relaxing morning/day at the riverwalk if you ever have the time!

We’d like to think Austin Evers for giving us this “Visitors Perspective” of a Day in Palatka!